FROM ROME is an international venue for Catholic Thought.  Catholics from the English Speaking world, who have a reasonably serious intellectual interest in any topic touching upon the Catholic Faith or Catholic Tradition, are invited to submit articles.  FROM ROME is a journal, in blog format, without discussion.  The comment form is soley for contacting the editor of this Site.  Article submissions must reflect a integral adhesion to the perennial Magisterium.  Our background image, that of the Altar of the Chair of St. Peter, in the Vatican Basilica, was chosen to reflect an unswerving loyalty to the infallible Magisterium of the Church, in the sense that has always been understood.

SUGGESTED TOPICS FOR ARTICLES:  Doctrine, Dogma, Liturgy, Book Reviews, History, Famous Catholics throughout History, Famous Churches, Councils HIstorical Events, Saints and their writings, and everything that touches upon the great drama and treasury which is the One and Only, True Catholic Faith.



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  1. Iain Colquhoun says:

    My book ‘the Vatican Third Secret Hoax Exposed and the Truth Revealed’ is available on Amazon. Iain Colquhoun. It follows the pointers given by Sr Lucia and Cardinal Ratzinger, namely that the Secret corresponds with what is revealed in the Scriptures on the last days. As a former OFM Cap I submit my findings to the authority of the Church, and my own Bishop gives a commendation.

  2. The Editor says:

    Pax et bonum! Frater mei.

  3. Rob Jacobs says:

    Dear sir, I just received your latest mail on the latest article, thank you very much for this. I greatly admire all your efforts to write on these so ‘ cardinal’ topics, which truly refkecf on ghe dire situation The Church is in. Because I do so, I need to notice you fhat you made a ‘cardinal’ mistake in changing ‘munus’ and ‘ministerium’ in the following part:

    …  Thus, as soon as any Cardinal sees that Benedict resigned the munus, not the ministerium, and that Canon 322 §2 requires the resignation munus, they become indisputably culpable of the usurpation of Bergoglio, and as such, merit punishment under canons 1329 §2 and 1329 §2. ..

    Please excuse me on this, but I needed to inform asap., I have no doubt that you wiil notice the massive urge to correct this immediately for the sake of correct getting your message through to all readers.

    I wish you all His and Her Blessings in hopefully continuing your work for His Truth .. again .. I read them with great admiration. Let’s not lose Hope ..
    Best regards, Rob Jacobs, the Netherlands

  4. The Editor says:

    You see how easy it is to make a substantial error, if you do not have a good “proof reader” – Thanks a lot!

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