The Imprisonment of Pope Benedict XVI

I will summarize in this article the suppositions and analysis which the volunteers and members of Veri Catholici have worked out in recent days about what really went on in the Vatican in 2012 — 2013. I will do so in a Timeline, which makes understanding what was going on easier. This will be a […]

The Validity of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation must be questioned — Part I

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo Recently, the noted Vatican theologian, and former member of the Congregation for the Faith, Msgr. Nichola Bux publicly opined that the validity of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI should be studied in regard to the question of what appears to be substantial error in the formula of resignation. (For a […]

Benedict said in every way that He did not resign! — An Examination of His Testimonies

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo One of the most common canards used to discount that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope is that, regardless of all the Canonical Evidence that he did not, He has never publicly affirmed that he did anything other than resign the papacy. This bold assertion is the kind of propaganda […]

How Benedict has defeated “Francis”

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo Pope Benedict XVI, who has been lauded by many as a brilliant theologian, is in my opinion, a more brilliant chess player, for he has defeated the AntiChurch with the most incredibly subtle and effective manuever which could ever be conceived, and which takes a great deal of study to recognize, […]

The Vatican has now accepted that Bergoglio is an AntiPope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo Rome: September 9, 2019 A. D.:  The Vatican has conceded that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is an AntiPope. The concession came tacitly as of Saturday, when, after 90 days since the publication of the news that Pope Benedict had accepted the arguments which demonstrated his resignation was invalid (as reported here), the […]

Pope Benedict has tacitly accepted that his resignation was canonically invalid

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo On January 30, 2019, Pope Benedict received at the Vatican, through the hands of Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the canonical brief I sent him demonstrating conclusively that the act contained in the declaration, Non Solum Propter, of Feb. 11, 2013 was not in conformity with the term of Canon 332 §2, which […]

Investigating the causes of Pope Benedict’s invalid Abdication

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo As is now notorious, Pope Benedict’s act of resignation of February 11, 2013 was invalid on account of not being in conformity with Canon 332 §2. Here at, the From Rome Blog, I have written about this extensively and subjected the text to a Scholastic analysis, demonstrating, I believe, conclusively, that […]

The Vatican has known all along that Benedict’s renunciation was invalid as written, and here’s the proof!

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo April 8, 2019 A.D. — The Vatican has known all along that Pope Benedict’s Act of Renunciation was not in conformity with the requirements of Pope John Paul II’s Code of Canon Law, and the documentary evidence to prove it has been published by the Vatican for 6 years. The Code […]

Vatican recognizes Benedict as the Pope

The image comes from Ann Barnhardt’s website, where she says she has confirmed its authenticity.  Father Paolo Borgia, is, according to Wikipedia, an assessor in the Vatican Secretary of State. The Secretary of State has the duty to respond to official correspondence received from the pope. These affirmations coupled with Bergoglio’s public invitation to the […]

Bergoglio concedes that Benedict is still the Pope

We republish the words of Bergoglio, without comment, as their meaning is obvious: 📹 #FranciscoenPanamá: Pope Benedict XVI is watching and let’s applaud him, everyone. Let’s send him a greeting from here. He is watching us on television. A greeting, all, wave your hand to Pope Benedict. #JMJ2019 #Panama2019 via @aciprensa — EWTN News […]

La validez de la renuncia de Benedicto debe ser cuestionada, Parte II

Por el Hno. Alexis Bugnolo En el artículo anterior titulado La validez de la renuncia de Benedicto debe ser cuestionada, Parte I, recité la historia de la controversia sobre la renuncia del Papa Benedicto XVI sobre el tema del error sustancial en la renuncia y luego procedí a explicar más de 20 argumentos en contra […]